In an ever competitive commerce environment, smooth yet customised fulfillment operations are essential to maintaining that crucial edge. While commerce is becoming increasingly global, we understand the need to help you manage a local presence to reassure your customers and provide them with the level of service they would expect from any local retailer.
Viapost is a trusted partner for clients across a broad range of industry sectors with the common goal of providing the relevant solution to get orders efficiently to your customers while supporting your projects and growth.



The fact that an order arrives on time and in excellent condition is the absolute basic of our business. During pick and pack our operators are highly trained to process your orders according to your personal specifications including personalised notes, gift wrapping etc. We know that every order has to be treated with the same level of care, attention and personalisation as your customers would wish to receive in a shop.


Viapost offers scalable yet tailor-made solutions across the supply chain. The complexity of today’s consumer in an omni-channel world means that logistics and fulfillment must follow.

Our teams provide support to help you manage your sales strategy and forecasting, with solutions to manage sales peaks, the arrival of new collections, adjustment of stocks and preparation of expired collections for shipment to outlets, flash sales, stock sampling for fashion shoots, marketing operations, trade shows and other special operations.

Regardless of your business sector—cosmetics, textiles, furnishings, or leisure goods—we provide the most appropriate solution for efficient distribution of your products to your customers. Our information systems (WMS, TMS) and our cutting-edge technologies are the bedrock of our expertise. Our systems adapt to your needs and are able to adjust rapidly to different environments.

Our services are based around the following core areas:

  • Goods receipt
  • Secure storage
  • Order preparation for B2C, B2B or B2R
  • Order traceability
  • Shipping
  • Returns management

Going even further

Our research and development team is constantly tracking down new trends and solutions to keep on step ahead of the game and help you keep that competitive edge.

Shipping and transport

Learn about Viapost's shipping and transport solutions in Europe and worldwide.

Shipping and distribution